schusser . n. (Skiing) a person skiing downhill fast. 

Schusser Threads is a Melbourne label that focuses on delivering unique outdoor apparel.  Every item is designed, patterned, cut, sewn and seam-sealed on Wurundjeri Land (Wandin, VIC).

The label is built on a belief that clothing should have a purpose, and that every item worn should enhance the performance of the wearer.  With this in mind, Schusser Threads aims to design and make quality clothing that protects and performs in cold climates.

Please feel free to get in touch via email at or shoot me a message on instagam @schusserthreads.

Abi  -  Designer & Maker.




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Tree Planting
Trees are one of of the most powerful resources we have in helping slow the progression of climate change.  With every garment, comes a small carbon footprint that is adding to the overall problem.  
In order to reduce the carbon footprint of Schusser Threads we are donating $4 from every item sold to Carbon Positive Australia.  This donation will ensure one native  tree is planted and protected for many years to come in previously cleared land, protecting natural biodiversity and giving the native vegetation in that area a chance to bounce back.  
For more information about Carbon Positive Australia or their planting projects, head to